Moving the Needle: Managing School Change for EdTech

Over the last couple years, you’ve had an infusion of technology and had to teach in new ways. Which are going to stick and which will simply go away? How do you make sure that your school and district initiatives actually stick and get implemented? What are the lessons from folks who have successfully moved the needle on large-scale school change? How do you avoid the barriers to school change, build buy-in for change among your staff and community, and support educators as they implement the change?

Companion Book (print): Moving the Needle: Proven Strategies for Successfully Implementing School Change

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Building Buy-in Strategy: Shared Leadership Teams

How do you ensure multiple perspective, teacher voice, and increased buy-in while growing and designing your initiative? Through shared leadership teams! Learn how we have used these Design Teams, how they have evolved over time, how they have benefitted our work, how we’re continuously working to get smarter about using them, and the challenges that we’ve experienced. Resources:

Other Strategies for Building Buy-in and Moving the Needle

Supporting Staff Strategy: Proficiency-based Professional Learning

How might we best support our teachers as we work to implement new initiatives with fidelity? There seem to be too many initiatives, too few workshop days, and too few instructional coaches/technology integrators. And we don’t just want teachers attending workshops, we want them to feel supported as they go back to their classrooms and work to implement our initiatives well.

Other Strategies for Supporting Teachers and Moving the Needle

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