Technology to Support Competency and Achievement

What role can technology play in the struggle to help all students achieve and come to proficiency? How can technology help teachers reach more students and help them perform. Participants will explore 5 critical approaches to using technology in the classroom to support learning, achievement and your proficiency-based learning work.

Motivating Underachieving Students

Are you frustrated at the challenge of working with underachieving and unmotivated students? What motivates them to learn? What can we do to improve the situation? This session will explore what does motivate underachievers, and some concrete actions teachers can take to improve learning for every student.

Technology to Transform Learning, Not Buff and Shine It!

The true power of technology is not in learning to use it, but rather using it to learn. The device (by itself) isn’t the magic, all the ways students can learn with it is! Don’t be a district that puts the device first or is swayed by fancy gadgets and buzzwords! Put the learning first. Come learn how teachers leverage their devices for learning and ensure that we keep the learning the priority.

How the Heck Do We Reach 10-14 Year Olds?! Workshop Resources

Learners in grades 5-8 can seem hard to teach. They are rapidly going through physical, intellectual, and emotional changes, making them developmentally different than elementary students and high school students. What practices will make your life easier by being harmonious with the developmental characteristics of young adolescents? Come to this session to find out!

Technology, Inequity, and Learning – Session Resources

We have all heard about the Digital Divide. Maine’s schools are the first (and still only!) schools to participate in a statewide 1to1 technology initiative. Does the 15-year-old MLTI mean that we no longer have a Digital Divide in Maine? What are the issues surrounding technology, inequity, and learning?

Getting Started with Proficiency-based Learning – Session Resources

MooseTech 2018 & WMEC Rendezvous 2018 Session sponsored by GEAR UP Maine. Getting Started with Proficiency-based Learning New to Proficiency-based Learning? Or been at it a while, but feel like you aren’t sure how to make better progress? This session will provide ideas on where to start with your students, your teaching, and your assessment.  …

Micro-credentials 101 – Session Resources

MooseTech2018 – Session sponsored by GEAR UP Maine. What’s all the fuss about micro-credentials and digital badging? What are they and how do I earn them? What do they have to do with professional development? Is anyone using them in education for students? Micro-credentials as a Learning System Scouting Merit Badges All About Micro-credentials Nellie Mae…

Proficiency-based Professional Learning – Webinar Resources

How might we best support our teachers as we work to implement new initiatives with fidelity? There seem to be too many initiatives, too few workshop days, and too few instructional coaches/technology integrators. And we don’t just want teachers attending workshops, we want them to feel supported as they go back to their classrooms and work to implement our initiatives well.