Technology, Inequity, and Learning – Session Resources

We have all heard about the Digital Divide. Maine’s schools are the first (and still only!) schools to participate in a statewide 1to1 technology initiative. Does the 15-year-old MLTI mean that we no longer have a Digital Divide in Maine? What are the issues surrounding technology, inequity, and learning?

Session highlights:

  • Maine’s schools are much more rural than most states. 
  • Maine is first in New England for child hunger and food insecurity.
  • Maine free school lunch students reach proficiency at a rate more than 20 percentage points less than non-school lunch students and graduate high school at a rate 15-20 percentage points less than non-school lunch students.
  • The first Digital Divide is the Digital Access Divide related to access to devices and quality internet connectivity, including the Homework Divide, which focuses on student access to the internet at home.
  • The second divide is the Digital Use Divide where some students get to use technology for high quality learning activities and some students only use their technology for low level learning activities.
  • There are things we can do and advocate for to reduce the Digital Divide.



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Poverty Readings

 Readings About the Digital Divide

 Addressing the First and Second Digital Divides

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