Engaging Students Living in Rural Poverty – Resources

Finding ways to engage students is hard enough, but teaching rural students can add extra layers of challenges. And yet, some teachers are enormously successful reaching these students. What are their secrets? In this pop-out you’ll learn a strategy for finding out how your students learn well and a framework for engaging students, explore the challenges facing rural students (and teachers) and how rural poverty is different from other kinds of poverty, and you will have a chance to create your own rural student action plan.


Key Questions:

  • How might living in isolated areas impact families (vs. non-rural families)?
  • How might rural poverty be different than non-rural poverty?
  • What can teachers, then, do to help students living in rural poverty better learn?


Articles that help us answer those questions:


Additional Engagement and Motivation Resources:


Donna Beegle – Poverty


Shared Note Taking Doc from January 19, 2018 session.


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