Technology in Maine – Session Resources

Resources and Notes from the January 10, 2018, Brown Brown Bag Lunch session at the Maine Math and Science Alliance on Technology in Maine’s Schools.


What is Popular


Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Gimmick Education / Gadget Education
  • Adult Convenience
  • Misunderstanding Cost
  • Overly Focused on Efficiencies
  • Focus on Tools, Not the Learning – Learning Resources without Learning Theory
  • Overly Focused on the Basics and Foundational Knowledge
  • Focus on Low Impact/No Impact Motivators


What We Need


Challenges Keeping Us from Getting There

  • Quest for the (simple-to-implement) Silver Bullet
  • Education Policy Madness – inc. Policy Driven by Vendors
  • Thinking that Teaching and Learning are the Same Thing
  • Violating the Norms of Education – Paradigm Paralysis
  • How We (don’t) Support Over-Tasked, Under-Resourced Schools
  • Southern Maine Mindset in a Rural State
  • Technology Access Divide & Technology Learning Divide


Additional Resources: