Planning for Micro-credentials – Session Resources

Session sponsored by GEAR UP Maine.

There is more and more interest in micro-credentials and digital badging among educators. They are interested in what they are,   how to earn them, and what they have to do with professional development. But what if your organization or school is planning on starting their own micro-credentials? What design components do you need to plan around? What are the considerations to explore before you get started?


Introduction to Micro-credentials

Micro-credential Programs in Education


Choosing a Professional Learning Curriculum


Choosing the Approach – Key Questions:

  • Participation-based or Proficiency-based?
  • Anything that fits, or Promote particular practices?
  • Any (good) practice or Research-based practices?
  • One “size” or Large, medium, and small?

Development (Or Selection) – Key Questions:

  • Who will develop your Micro-credentials?
  • How will you train and support your developers?
  • How will you maintain quality control?
  • How will you keep development sustainable?
  • Who else’s Micro-credentials match your professional learning curriculum?

Choosing a Platform

  • Open Badges Compliant
  • Store earned micro-credentials
  • Share earned micro-credential
  • Credly
  • Mozilla Backpack
  • Support with publishing and icon design, etc.
  • Facilitate discovery process
  • Facilitate submission and approval process
  • Bloomboard


Issuers and Assessors

  • Who will issue your Micro-credentials?
  • Who will assess your Micro-credentials submissions?
  • How will you train and support your assessors?
  • How will you maintain quality control?
  • How will you keep submission assessment sustainable?
Program Promotion
  • How will you promote your program?