Technology for Proficiency-based Learning

 How can technology help support your proficiency-based learning initiative?

 What is Proficiency-based Education?

  • PBE goes by lots of names (competency-based learning, customized learning, mastery learning, etc.)
  • Maine’s definition: Any system of academic instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting that is based on students demonstrating mastery of the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn before they progress to the next lesson, get promoted to the next grade level, or receive a diploma.  (Maine DOE: Getting to Proficiency)
  • Core Beliefs: People learning in different timeframes and in different ways
  • Shifting from Time as the constant and Learning as the variable, to Learning as the constant and Time as the variable.

Two key areas potentially impacted by technology:

  • Pace and Approach
  • Teach the Way People Learn 


Leveraging Technology for Pace and Approach

  • Tech for Personalizing Learning: How does technology help us tailor the learning to the student?
  • Tech for Supporting Independent Learning: How can technology help the student do more on their own and need the teacher less?
  • Tech for Learning Progress Management: How do we keep track of student learning? Promote a transparent curriculum? Make learning progressions clear? Help students navigate their learning? Maintain evidence of mastery?
  • Tech for Home/School Connection: How can technology help us stay better connected to parents?


Leveraging Technology to Teach the Way People Learn



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